Born in Malvaglia, Switzerland. Adopted daughter of French Consul in Switzerland Umberto d'Orso and neuropsychiatrist Ana Hennig. She was chosen as subject for the MONARCH program. Home-schooled. She started writing a diary at the age of 4. This document was not found back as of today. It might contain some facts and names of high-ranking individuals related to the program. The subject denies any knowledge of this diary. Her vocal gifts were soon noticed and developed to prepare her for covert operations, if needed. She joined the Sion Cathedral choir.

She was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, to the extent of five different identities, or alters. The Dr. Sydney Gottlieb performed hypnotherapy tests on her, to teach each of her alters a different language (namely French, German, Spanish, English and Russian) as well as classified (implementation of false memories).

She first attempted suicide when she was 12. She was placed in "La Métairie" mental hospital for one month, where her mother, her first programmer, was working. The incident was taken care of internally, but the program was stopped temporarily.

She obtained the General Knowledge Diploma when she was 14, and successfully passed the Specialized Maturity exam in communication studies, the following year.

She was then sent to the Harvard University, where she received a PhD in Psychology in 1997. A nanodevice was implanted by Dr. Kimball.

In 2001, She had an affair with songwriter Levie Trooper, and wrote with him five songs, under the name Alina Reyes, one of her alters. These songs were published on the album "Darkness At The Door". She joined the False Memory Syndrome Foundation the same year.

She met with P. Watzlawick while he was promoting his latest book, titled "The Short Therapy Strategy". She was hired by the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto ; she began a psychoanalysis with the Research Director, which enabled her to regain real memories related to the program. Ana Hennig helped her to get in touch with the ISU.

The Dr. classified was subsequently chosen as the new programmer for the D'Orso subject.

In 2003, she met with Agent Phil Buckley, a member of the Bohemian Grove. Her programming was triggered. She married him.

The MONARCH program resumed.

The subject lost her job at the MRI, because she had taken drugs as one of her alters, Anna Major. Was hired by the No Such Agency afterwards as an experimenter in social psychology under the PSYOPS program.

In 2005, now a controller, D'Orso was tasked to infiltrate small activist and artistic groups, to provide clinical observation of subjects tested at the time for the following project : classified. Her job was mainly to prevent disclosure of important data and to release false information.

She divorced in 2006.

The same year, both D'Orso parents die in a boat accident, on Lake Geneva. Eve asked for an official investigation. The results seem to prove that the classified of classified may not be classified ; furthermore, classified have been classified, as well as classified. classified was classified, then classified, in order to classified. The case was closed in 2008.

D'Orso's ID has been repeatedly used throughout 2009, which may mean that her cover was compromised. This was taken care of internally by classified. Both targets classified and classified have been put under surveillance since then. Close to classified, D'Orso carried on her business in France under the alias classified.

Eve D'Orso is still officially affiliated to the ISU, and her insubordination is a problem that needs to be taken care of. Directives regarding her situation have been issued to ISU members, who have to get to learn them as soon as possible. Reference AZERDA-23-6NK9-460-11-ISU.