Born in Hagersville, Ontario. Became interested with music at an early age. Learned to play guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano by himself. Sought to follow in his twin brother's footsteps, Paul Noon, who was a committed artist well-known in Canada. Despite his efforts, succeeded only in obtaining local fame with his own band "the Ultimate Triangle". He decided to try his luck abroad and left for England.

He first met with Trevor Barnes (target n100041), professional photographer, environmental activist and libertarian when he went to London for the first time, in 1992. Is still in contact with him today.

Together, they joined the londonian artistic and intellectual networks which denounce the rise of totalitarian globalization. Their activism was deemed harmless, and therefore ignored.

Noon got in touch with Shane McGowan (ex "The Pogues"). They played together during some months but their addictions (to drugs and alcohol, respectively) put an end to their collaboration for good. He then tried to put together his own band, the 60's garage punk-inspired "Axel Noon and the Astroboys", with Josh McCollde "The Witch" and Kerry Narsh, ex-waitress and Josh's girlfriend (then both men's), as lead vocal.

Was put in rehab for the first time in Broadreach House Center in Plymouth in 1995.

Scheduled installation of the first implant by the Dr. classified.

During his stay, he befriends Topper Headon, former drummer of "The Clash", to whom he dedicates a great admiration. Because they are born the same day, the 30th of May, Noon feels they are part of what he calls his "sacred triptych" (referring to his twin brother), which finally comes together.

Following his cure, Noon works as a taxi driver to live on. He will never hear of Headon again.

1993. Paul Noon died of an overdose. Axel returned to Canada and spent some time in the family farm. Suicide of his mother classified. He set his guitar - a 67' Fender Telecaster - on fire , then desecrated his brother's grave to get the gibson SG that was buried within. He was later arrested, and was given a prison sentence of one month suspended.

Lived on by doing menial work in the motels of the neighborhood.

He discovered the thought of Noam Chomsky through the documentary "Necessary illusions : thought control in democratic societies / Manufacturing grants : the political economy of the mass media" as well as his political dimension. Chomsky's ideas inspired him to conflict the system openly. He maintained an active correspondence with Barnes. Barnes was arrested in Hyde Park for assault on a police officer during the riots of October 9th, 1994 against the draft of the repressive "Criminal justice bill" of the Tory government (In opposition to the criminal justice bill).

Caught up by the military obligations, Axel Noon chose to undertake in France a voluntary long service, which increased the interest and the cautiousness of the Service. He was assigned for 14 months at Albion's plateau before the site was closed down. He has been able to approach sensitive contents. He contributed to send to the public internal documents of the Service, notably regarding the existence of silent weapons.

According to some sources, he would have worked as classified for 6 months on a former oil platform rehabilitated in platform of spatial launches : Ocean Odyssey near Christmas island in the Pacific Ocean.

Extraction of the implant or dysfunction of the device. He disappeared from social networks in 1999.

Reappeared in public on July 25th and 26th, 2009 in the European summit of exopolitics in Barcelona together with Eve d'Orso.

Implementation of a second nanodevice.

Expert in new technologies of communication, he has created "SpoonMe Electronics Corporation".

Under surveillance.