This project came to us, on the one hand because we wanted to continue to bring music, entertainment and human connection to those who can no longer access it but want to, and on the other hand, because we have always been committed against all forms of discrimination, inequality and social injustice in society.

We refuse to see some audiences deprived of the rights to be entertained, to recharge their batteries, to have fun, to attend concerts and to experience the joy and the benefits of music.

This is why we offer concerts in private homes which are not subject to sanitary constraints or to any kind of pass. Only the rules of hygiene and common sens will apply.

These concerts take place in a "light" sound and electrical configuration and can be adapted to any place everywhere where a musical performance is possible. As an example and reference, if it is possible to sing at your home in full a cappella voice without disturbing the neighborhood, then it is perfectly realistic for us to perform there.

The number of participants in the evenings will obviously depend on the capacity of the venue, living-room, basement, annexes, outbuildings, etc. But we have set the minimal capacity at 10 people for a concert to take place.

The access to these events is free with a "free donation" for the artist.

During these evenings, we offer not only our own songs but also songs from all over the world, famous for having become odes to Resistance, as a bond between oppressed people who fight the oppressor, whoever he is, or might be : a person, a political regime, a war, an ideology...

We also do not forget the shared pleasure and grace of being together in a congenial atmosphere.

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